Bob Hoskins Was Right!

Here’s a blast from the past: remember those old BT adverts where Bob Hoskins would merrily chirp “it’s good to talk” and give the viewer a cheeky wink? Turns out old Bob wasn’t telling porky pies just to earn a spare bit o wonga. Talking really is good, great, in fact.


Now you can talk over your PS3 by using a ps3 headset. The latest ps3 headset models have superb high fidelity input and output (the microphone on the new ps3 headset is so good that it can be used from a distance whilst charging in its cradle). Would you Adam-and-Eve it?


The ps3 headset provides an excellent opportunity to combine strategies when gaming online, or to trash-talk other players (if you’re somebody who feels the need). In addition to this, your ps3 headset is even compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones!


The whole thing comes with a sleek, modern design that makes your ps3 headset look as cool as cucumber salad prepared in a blizzard. As if that’s not enough, your ps3 headset will display important data (such as battery or volume levels) on-screen as part of the in-game display. Cool, huh?


So, me old china, what do you reckon Bob would make o that? Lovely old job!