How are Earphones Becoming More Popular?


The answer to the one is simple. Headphones are increasing in popularity at the identical rate as portable devices are. The more devices you’ll find on sale, the greater headsets shall be flying off the shelves with them.


Headphones are useless with no device to make use of them with, so it stands to reason that headphones are being bought together with other acquisitions.


Not only are Tablet PCs selling like hot cakes now, but also increasingly more people are buying iPods and other MP3 players. The iPod’s effects on society has been enormous. When I was little, anybody over the ages of about 16 who was wearing headphones and not jogging looked silly, they appeared like some kind of impotent man-child caught inside a desperate attempt to re-capture lost youth. These odd adults were regarded as curiosities, due partially to their ludicrous walk, which seemed to parody that of a constipated penguin.


Then, naturally, the age of MP3 players arrived and, suddenly it was cool to own an iPod, and, once that stage was done and dusted, it was normal to own an iPod. Lawyers commuting to work use them; busy housewives listen to their iPods whilst food shopping, even US President Barack Obama revealed the contents of his in an interview with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. So it should come as no surprise that headphone sales are skyrocketing.


In addition to the, as gaming technology became more immersive, so began the steady rise of gaming headphones. Of course, in order to chat, argue, or just play together online, you needed a new set of headphones.


Today, Tablet PCs use headphones, cell phones use headsets, portable gaming devices use headphones, actually, pretty much everything uses headphones. When I can’t sleep at nighttime, I listen to music on my headphones in order to not wake my girlfriend, I even wear headphones outside, but you know very well what? So does everybody else.


Next time you’re out somewhere, shop around you and check out just how many of us are wearing headsets.


Headsets inevitably need replacing, which leads inexorably to even more sales. With everybody using headphones all day and every day, this indicates those weird looking nerds were onto something, after all.