Why do people usually shout out loud when using headphones?

Its a difficult engineering job, how must you create headphones for running that do not slip, slide, skip or drop out but that aren’t stapled to your earlobes? Engineers have cracked it. Well, 2 .


That scene in ‘Anchorman’ where Ron Burgundy states that he and Veronica are attempting this novel fad called ‘Jogging’ is totally plausible. Ron’s tenuous grasp of the English language aside (especially as somebody who has such pride in his set of leather-bound textbooks), Jogging was certainly a largely unknown wonder until the 1960’s and 1970*s (in fact the word ‘jog’ actually denotes a swift, sudden movement, for instance jogging one’s memory or jogging someone who is writing/painting) until it had been popularized (and named) by a bloke from New Zealand called Arthur Lydiard.


Imagine if you can, a planet without running. Its like, if you were in an episode of a 1990’s TV series ‘Sliders’ and also you found a world where Arthur Lydiard was Shot in a drug bust, all the sports companies would be bankrupt. Consider that inside the old brain}. Jogging has actually had a profound result on our cultural and commercial landscape. Without jogging, the term ‘marathon’ would not be applied as commonly to running, even though it was in use beforehand (In fact ‘Marathon’ originally meant ‘long-lasting’ and had little, if anything, to do with running) and sports/athletic clothing could be reserved for sporty people (as opposed to individuals who consider shoplifting athletic clothing a sport).


Anyway, I digress; there’s nothing in any way useful in anything I just told you, nothing you brought this post up to read about, anyway. I feel like a bloody Maths teacher (as I’m wasting my time teaching you things that you’ll never, within the wildest dreams of a million, billion years, find a practical application for). Ironically, as a preferred phenomenon, running is going nowhere. {Sure, you occasionally see someone in spandex which you could have done without seeing in spandex, but more often than not, you can see attractive members of the other sex (or the identical sex – I’m not judging) stretching and flexing in a skimpy outfit. We can’t go wrong, really.


The thing is, if you have the same problem as me and can’t find anybody running with (the majority of my friends are either swollen, beer swilling 50-a-day-smokers OR total fitness compulsive who seem like Greek statues and can reach top speeds of up to 400MPH) in which case you’ll want something to keep you occupied (and drown out the non athletic morons in the expensive athletic gear who yell at you from the open windows of the crappy stolen little cars) knowning that something is music!. Whatever your soundtrack, you will still be getting a good workout!. Of course, like all headphones, its a matter of personal choice, but the main choices appear to be concerned with earphones that fit around your ear itself or earphones that cross your entire head. There are far too many distinctive products to discuss. The earpieces fit in your ear hole and sometimes attach to your device via calble. These earpieces work very well certainly when you have the best shape of ears. In my opinion, I happen to become part Vulcan apparently, as my ‘inhuman’ ears (it doesn’t matter what your mates say, these phones are definitely NOT one size fits all!) simply can’t keep those flamin’ things on my head! When you’re like me, a earpiece version, lightweight and little is probably your best bet. Like your soundtrack, you decide what’s best.