Does someone want a noise reducing receiver?


I’m sure that basically anyone reading this has, someday or another been rudely woke up by a pneumatic drill carving up the road outside their house .


Bleary eyed and still mostly asleep, you stumble towards the window, hoping to catch the source of this cacophony. You see three men, two are talking amongst themselves whilst diverting stray traffic and also the 3rd is systematically dismantling the road where you live. They’ve kindly put up a yellow barrier, as if you needed any further signs that the road was being demolished by a pneumatic drill.




As the jackhammer CHUGGAS away, you catch small sections of conversation, the lads talk very loudly indeed, as people who have spent a career shouting over loud machinery are wont to do.


“So I said to him, ‘listen mate, if you think for one second that I’m gonna-‘




“Nah, I haven’t seen that one yet, but the second one was an enormous pile of—“




At first you believe it may be The Ghostbusters, re-enacting that hilarious scene from the 2nd movie, but no such luck exists I’m afraid.


You decide to head out for any walk, ostensibly to clear your head and soon discover that the whole street is being ‘CHUGGA’D’, and suddenly that series 2 episode of Black Books isn’t as funny anymore.


If that doesn’t answer the issue, then let me become a bit more technical. There are two different ways a headset can cancel noise; actively or passively. Passive noise cancellation is as low tech as anything you put in your ear, or cover your ear with. The second type is much more high tech, and generates a field of white noise around your earphones, this acts as something of a sound vacuum and doesn’t allow any outside noise getting in whatsoever (that is all well and good but it also means you can’t hear your girlfriend yelling at you since you’ve forgotten to pick up your lunch).


So, if the aforementioned diggers are planning on making a week of it, the second type of headphones are the one’s you’ll need. If you ask them, they’ll say something like


“Yeah, busted gas main, you’re lucky we found it, usually because—“




You’ll have no idea what is said, and you’ll little doubt be badgered by friends, neighbours and colleagues alike all asking you a similar query, listed here are a couple of possible answers you’ll be able to give: