An Afternoon Wasted

I was going to jot down about gaming Earphones, so that at any time you planned on purchasing one, or else you wanted to know more about them, you may use this piece of writing. I have departed from that vaguely (OK a lot), and here is why.


When I write content (when you Google me you’ll find that I’ve written a ton), I typically use what we writers call a ‘framing device’, that is, a nice beginning/end to the piece that gently eases you into it, regularly via a joke or anecdote. This makes it easier for me to write (I am not essentially the most technically savvy bloke on Earth) and easier that you can read. I need you to buy the products, but that doesn’t mean we could’t have a laugh or 2 , does it?


I had just a little think about how to frame an article about Headsets, and came up using a pretty pleasant idea. The great thing about writing for the net is that no matter which you write about may be immediately accessed, so I made a decision that I would frame my Earphones article around ‘The Angry German Kid’ viral video, as an example of the kind of people that should not buy Headphones. If you have not seen the ‘Angry German Kid’ video, it depicts a juvenile German boy attempting to learn the game ‘Unreal Tournament’ and screaming wildly when it does not work. Developing humorous subtitles to accompany the boy’s increasingly deranged ranting has become a pastime preferred by the same those who do those ‘Hitler reacts’ videos (in reality, there’s even a crossover of the two).


In order to learn more about this video, I searched the usual places, but found nothing other than dodgy translations (and, despite being part German myself, I can not speak a word) and misinformation claiming the boy had been sectioned in a psychiatric institute. Eventually, after an extended and exhaustive hunt, I discovered the truth about the Angry German Kid, and much more than I needed for a quick article about Headphones at that.


As it seems, AGK’s real name is Leopold and he is the culprit for numerous comedy ‘characters’, including ‘Der Echte Gangster’ (a parody of white wannabe gangsters) ‘Metaler’ (a parody of ‘cookie monster’ heavy metal singers) and ‘Das Comeback’ where he plays an oafish, but well-meaning, moron. It seems that, the boy was deceived by a German television show, who spread his AGK video (itself intended to send up the (then current) debate in Germany regarding whether violent video games need to be banned or not. Sadly, the child has resisted making more videos since AGK went viral and he was mercilessly bullied at school. As it seems, you’ll be able to quite freely buy any Headsets you wish, without turning into an irate German. And I wasted an entire afternoon finding that out for you. If you need to see a genuine freakout, check out Youtube and type ‘Greatest Freakout Ever’ and no, I do not have time to uncover the story behind it for you.